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Creating a Poultry Marketplace

Working Together

Supporting poultry growers since 2006

It’s an exciting time of opportunity for poultry growers everywhere, but especially in Montana. With the vast majority of poultry being imported into the state, there's never been a better time for locally grown eggs, chicken, and turkey. From small flock homesteads to larger-scale pasture-raised farms we work to assist producers as they navigate the challenges related to raising and selling local poultry.

The Montana Poultry Growers Cooperative, legally incorporated in April 2006, is proud to be a part of the economic growth and environmental sustainability that comes with delivering healthful, ethically raised food into the local food system in Montana. We believe that locally produced poultry markets are not just good for Montana community economies, but also provide for more humane processing with less environmental impact.

As the coop continues to grow, the following goals help keep us on track:

* Minimize the health risk to consumers and increase product quality by providing training in the proper handling practices for poultry.

* Provide specialized processing equipment to meet the needs of developing small farm poultry enterprises in their market entry.

* Provide a model of a processing system and facility that meets state and federal requirements for the retail sale of poultry products.

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